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Outside Contact Looking for a Bike

Peter Duncanson

Hi Friends, 

I received an email through the web site from a guy looking to buy a bike.  Normally I wouldn't relay things from a non-member, but maybe this will help a member at the same time.  Here's selected text from his message:

I've been looking for a /5 toaster for a while and I haven't had the best luck finding something that ticks all my boxes.

I'm not desperate, but I'm anxious to finally get a nice toaster. I'm willing to do some work on it if it's not perfect. In fact, I look forward to working on my first airhead.

Thank you in advance for any help of advice you can send my way,
If you or someone you know might have what Mike is looking for, please contact him directly - please don't contact me or respond to the forum post.


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