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Need assistance from R1200RT LC Owner

Christopher Schaffer

During the installation of Wunderlich microflooters, I did some damage to the tabs for the two side panels (the panels on which the BMW logo is affixed), and the left headlight cover.

I have purchased a repair kit from Plastex to fix these pieces, but I need someone who has a 2014-2017 R1200RT so that I can make a mold.

Basically, the kit has these rubber/plastic pieces that you heat up and then mold around a good part (think of those mouth guards you use for football, etc.), and then place in the area where needed and fill with a powder/resin compound. Since I damaged the part on both sides, I no longer have anything I can use to get a mold.

I figure the whole thing can be done in about an hour, though I have ZERO clue on how to remove that headlight cover, and your parts will not be harmed.

If anyone can help, text me at 615-962-5335.


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