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Volunteer Rider Education Skills Clinic October 28...
Ron Brant

I received an e-mail from Steve Barber at Volunteer Rider Education regarding a skills clinic his site is hosting in conjunction with a motor officer from the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  This will be an excellent opportunity to improve riding skills and be exposed to a different type of training not usually available to the general public.

I've made arrangements with Trooper Matt Priest of the Tennessee Highway Patrol to come hold a clinic, of sorts, to show us how to accomplish some of the riding skills the motor cops use when they train and compete. This should be a fun day of learning and improving your riding skills.


Trooper Priest has sent me several diagrams which I'll use to layout the skills practice. After some time of practicing, Trooper Priest will open it for a competition.


This is NOT a Motorcycle Safety Foundation sanctioned course and does not qualify for anything except your own personal growth as a motorcyclist.


I've kept the cost modest to help pay for special liability insurance and to compensate Trooper Priest for his time. In order to make this viable, we need a minimum of 10 riders, maximum of 20. The cost is $50 per rider. The date is October 28.


You must register online and come prepared as follows:

  • Must possess a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Must ride your own DOT street legal bike, and must be insured and licensed.
  • Must wear a DOT certified helmet.
  • Must use protective eyewear.
  • Must wear full fingered gloves.
  • Must wear long pants.
  • Must wear over the ankle boots.

Go to to register. I will not charge your card until we know we have enough riders to hold the class and the weather is predicted to be good.


I hope you will consider this fun day.

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