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Beware Wunderlich

Christopher Schaffer

So as a new RT owner, I have to do the obligatory farkling, something my wife rolls her eyes at and gasps at the cost of some of these very much needed items, lol.

One of those things I needed was a set of auxiliary driving lights. We all know about Clearwater Lights and their quality, and we're all well-versed on how expensive they are. So when I saw a set of Micro Flooter LED lights from Wunderlich, I was interested. These lights were less expensive than the Darla's from Clearwater, and they look like they came with the bike. They also claim that you can keep them on without blinding oncoming drivers...

...that's because they are pretty weak AF. Seriously, all they do is to give the area covered by the low-beams a bluish tint. After about an hour on a dark, secret, undisclosed country road, I could never get them aimed to where they would be useful. So it was decided to go back to the website and initiate a return.


This is from their Returns page (bold underlined Italics are my emphasis):

  • Returns must be sent back within 45 days of the invoice date.
  • Bottom line: Returned items must be in new, re-sellable condition.
  • All hardware, instructions, packaging material, etc. must be included with the return.
  • Returned items may not show any signs of having been installed. (be careful if you want to test fit)
  • Seats: If you order a seat from us, it's understandable that you will want to try it out. You can install the seat and take a reasonable test ride. If you don't like it, you may return it as long as it is in the same condition that you received it in.
  • Windshields: Windshields usually always show some signs of being used once installed and for this reason we cannot accept returns on installed windshields.

If all of the above conditions have been met, we will issue a credit towards future purchases to your customer account. Shipping fees will not be refunded unless we made an error.


Now we can all understand that you would have to pay for shipping, a reasonable restocking fee, and to send back everything that came with the package. BUT, for them to say that it can't have any signs of being installed is just unreasonable! For the record, the kit had shrink tubing, zip ties, and wire clip for splicing into one of the wires going to the 12V adapter. There is also a long wire that needs to be cut to fit that leads from the switch to that wire clip.

I sent them an email concerning all of this but never got a response, so I called them this morning and wasn't too thrilled with the response. Basically, I have to send them back the kit (at my expense), they will inspect it and if they approve, they give me a store credit minus a restocking fee (which is a PERCENTAGE and is not fixed). Now let's say that they DON'T APPROVE of the return, now I will have to pay for shipping to get it back (FTR, shipping was originally $25, so that means I'd be out an additional $50 JUST IN SHIPPING!).

And anyone whose done work on these bikes knows that dismantling all of that bodywork is kind of a hassle, so imagine my excitement in anticpating of having to disassemble all of that plastic to take the kit off and reassembling it, find out that they didn't approve of the return, so they are shipping it back to me (at my expense), and when it gets back to me, going through the installation process all over again.


Funnily enough, I got an email from them asking how they did and if I would leave a review on their website. Oh boy, will I!

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