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Information on AirMedCare

Knud Fechner

Hi All,

As Mentioned to a few members at the picnic, my son-in-law's helicopter med flight after his M/C accident cost $37, 000.00 (his company paid all of it)... Shirley's brothers flight from Sylacauga, Alabama to UAB Birmingham was $47,000.00 and the insurance company paid $6,000.00   ....  Especially, and as a M/C rider this AIR-EVAC-LIFETEAM membership of $60.00 for the whole family (Shirley remembers $65.00 - who am I to argue) is cheap enough insurance for a year.


I am attaching a couple of PDF files, one is the confirming letter AirMedCare and the second one is a form you may mail in with your own information, and if you sign up, you will get an extra three month of coverage (I get three month as well).


Ride safe (hope nobody will ever have to use it!!!)

        and regards,



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