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Scrapper24 - Need a Bike
Mike Kramer


I’m participating in a “Scrapper24” race with 4 of my friends.
The object is to run as many miles as you can in a 24-hour period. Most wins.

Rules: Buy a bike specifically for the race. Can’t spend more than $ 500 total (excluding safety items such as brakes, tires, etc.). And cannot exceed 150cc. Team of up to 6 people.

Two years ago we found a trashed an ’08 Yamaha Vino 125 scooter and took second place. Bought it for $325 and it took right up to the $500 mark to make it right. I still have it today and it runs strong.
Last year we won on a 1980 Honda XL125s. Similar story, but he the seals are gone and it blows a lot of oil.

We're looking for a bike! Anyone have a contender they’re willing to sell? I live in the Nashville area and willing to travel a few hours for the right hardware.Let me know if ya have anything.



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