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How Many Club Members Run Ethanol-free Gas?

Peter Duncanson

I started reading some information last year about the hazards of using standard gasoline with 10% ethanol in your motorcycle, the push to increase allowable ethanol levels, and the resistance from motorcycle owners and classic car enthusiasts.  It convinced me to run only non-ethanol gas in my motorcycles.  The guy I bought my RT from said he only ran non-ethanol gas and never had a problem with the fuel strips in the RT, unlike a lot of other people.
What's your opinion?  Is it a non-issue for you?  Is it a good idea as long as it's convenient?  Or are you adament about it - will you go out of your way and pay extra to get non-ethanol gas?
Put another way - if we were on a long ride together and I insisted on detouring or stopping early for gas, would you be happy to do the same , or PO'd at me

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